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About the course

Thank you for joining my Key Word Course! 

Just 12 words make up 25% of English. 

  • These words have different names: Sight words; high frequency words; or key words.
  • They are present in all sentences and being able to read, speak and use key words is an important step to fluency in English. 
This course aims to teach your child how to read and use key words so that your child can focus on meaning, ideas, and storyline when they are reading.
  • I have made the activities as varied and fun as possible so that your child can encounter each word in many ways and therefore build their confidence.
  • Your child can go through the course themselves, or they can go through the course with your assistance.
Please now watch the next video which shows how the chapters look. Then read the instruction notes, so that you know how to

Once you have completed the course and passed the exam. You will get a certificate!

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